Saturday, October 13, 2012

Faith & Santa Clause

Let's just say it. We doubt God, His abilities and His will. We belittle him. And we constantly doubt Him. As human beings, we hold onto this world and what it can offer. I have heard stories of healing,getting words, and resurrecting in 2012! Those things didn't just happen in the Bible times, B.C or A.D. they happen now! People who did these things have a close relationship with God the creator that we all should all strive for. But the race will not stop until we reach heaven. Pray to God to show Him to you and I'm so sure He will! Do you want to be a average person, or a person who has a thrilling relationship with God? God will take you places and put you in situations you never thought possible. I promise. We are not all called to foreign missions, but we are all called to be missionaries of love, acceptance and compassion to the people around us. Think about it like this. We are the kids and God is "Santa Clause". When we are little we have complete faith in santa clause. (well, some of us) When the world was young, people believed God with their whole heart with no restrictions. Miracles happened! As the world grew older, we began to only believe what we saw and heard. And we lost that complete faith in God and we doubted He would actually do the things He did in the Bible. Now I'm NOT saying Santa Clause is real, or that he is God. Because he's not! But, hopefully you get the idea. We need to have "Child like faith" again in God and you will see more of God than you thought you could or ever would. :) How are you going to start racing that race? Do you want to see raw Holy Spirit work? How are you going to achieve what God has called you to? Faith. Prayer. Loyalty. Stead fast. Satan will attack you as soon as you become on fire for God or especially when you are in a valley  But you have the God on the universe on your side. I dont know how you feel, but I feel like I could do anything. The road is not short or easy. But it IS rewarding. Good luck on the road God has called you to travel!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


I was just finishing up my last post and a thought occurred to me. I was just pleading with someone in my mind. "Don't you want to grow closer to God?!" " Don't you want to live like Him?!" "You dont read your bible. Do you pray?" But I am such a self-righteous hypocrite! I go through periods pf reading my Bible a lot and times when I barely read it. Who am I? I pray almost daily. I have been putting myself above this person for too long! It needs to stop. When we judge, we are guilty of two things. 1) Judging 2) Self-righteousness. And if we are not self-righteous, we are most of the time. This just shows me that God still has a lot to do to me. I am not as perfect as i thought in that moment. None of us are. How are you going to change?

Seeing things

We all see things differently. That is what makes having friends and getting advice awesome. We all have different views and opinions. How we see things and our own life is what determines them. So, I guess that is what makes people have different views on Christians and the faith as a whole. Some Christ followers may think one thing is important while an other doesn't. I think some of this would be eliminated if people would seek and follow straight facts and the Bible. Some people base thoughts,actions and their current belief on emotion. Some people base them on logic. We can not change the Bible to what we want it to say or what we want it to do. Christ followers should ALWAYS want nothing but what the Bible says & it's logic. Having said this, I have recently realized something. I had always judged someone who says that "they are a Christian" and then act as if they are not. And this angers me because to unbelievers, WE are what church is, We are what Jesus is. But, what I realized is that we all have things that we are good at and things we are bad at. Some people are better at not swearing than others. Does this make the swearing person less of a Christ follower? I don't think so. However, if that person really did have the Spirit living inside them, they would be constantly praying that God will change them. Or at least know that they shouldn't talk like that and try not to. And it also matters how they use them. Some people think that they are Christians, but do not fully internalize it and honestly believe it in their heart and mind. I guess what I am trying to say it:

  1. Make decisions based on Biblical truths
  2. Use logic
  3. Realize that we have a bigger influence than you may realize
  4. Speak and act carefully

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


So this is it. First one. Yep...SO... haha Hi. My name is Crystal and I am very passionate, strong willed, confident and opinionated. I fallow God, the Bible and plain logic. People have a problem usually with at least one of them, if not all. So with this blog I am gonna get all my words out, topic by topic. And hopefully meet some new people! I like meeting new people and learning about them and their life. So fallow along weather you believe in God or unicorns! I am going to get you thinking! :)