Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Today's Christian Teens & Homosexuality

I am beginning to realize that most teens my age are not as dedicated and opinionated as me in the beliefs we share...And quite frankly, it annoys me. To me, when you are a "Christian" Or "Christ Follower" you believe what the Bible says automatically. No buts or maybes. No matter what the world is shoving in your face. No matter whats "cool" to believe or do. We all have areas in our life where it is more easy to do what is Christ like than others.... Some people find it hard not to cuss where as they find it easy not to gossip. Or vice versa. But all that aside, if the Bible declares something clearly and the context is applicable to today, there is NO debating. For instance, homosexuality. This has been on my heart and mind lately. Especially going to a public high school... I have heard Christians and non-believers say that same-sex marriage and relationships are okay. Now if you do not call yourself a Christian or the like, I understand because you do not have the same standards for living like those who follow the Bible. However, if you are a Christian, this make me a little upset. And do NOT bring up the argument that "the only verses about gays are in the Old Testament. The Old Testament also has rules of what not to eat and how to slaughter sacrifices."That is incorrect. Romans and Corinthians Both in the New Testament, say clearly that gay acts are not okay. "but love is love. God says to love and not to judge." you say. However. 1 Corinthians 6:9. Romans 1:27. Leviticus 20:12 and 18:22 all pretty much say that homosexuality is not okay. It is a sin. But like any sin, you can be forgiven and move on. Christians usually are assumed to hate gays. But God loves you no matter where you are. And so do I. I DO NOT hate gays. But I do disagree with their lifestyle. It's pretty simple.. I have had gay friends before and they knew I believed in God. We were still good friends. :) I have factual theories on why people think or believe that they are gay and if you wanna hear them, let me know. :) Also, if you have any other topics you want me to discuss, just tell me! :)