Thursday, September 26, 2013

Power Christians

I have coined a new term that I am very proud of. haha "Power Christians".  We all know them. They are the ones who unremittingly post FB statuses about God and awesome Bible verses. With in the category of Power Christians there are two sub categories, the Arrogant ones and the Gloating kind. Both just lather their faith into syrup. The Gloating talk about how bad their life sucks but they are gonna hold on to God's promises and trust in His plan. The arrogant are arrogant in how much they read their Bible, the African kids they served in their mission trip, how close they are to God and how much He means to them. Now, technically, none of this is really too bad besides the gloating and the arrogance. Like I said, they milk it. But what happened to servant hearted, humble Christ followers who treat others the way they want to be treated? The ones who are genuine and really care for others' needs. The ones who try to model Christ to honor HIm, not to look like a perfect Christian. Whenever I write on here, I always feel like I am coming across like I am perfect, I got it all figured out and conceited. That't not how I want to seem. Because I am FAR from perfect.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Realization

       There's no other way to put in more simply than Christians are arrogant. We start thinking that because we make better decisions and are forgiven by God, that we are better than everyone else. Like we are on higher ground and closer to God than others. We think just because we don't do drugs or sleep around, we are better than everyone else. Well that's just not true. I haven't killed anyone, but that doesn't mean that I am closer to God in anyway than those who have. Just means I haven't sinned in that area. A friend might do drugs, where as I don't have trouble saying no to that; however that friend is better at something where I struggle at. With all this said, our decisions usually say where our heart is at to some degree but, we all have that one or two areas in our life where it is always an uphill battle.

        I am going to try to look at people for WHO they are instead of just seeing their sin. I wouldn't like if someone only saw the sins that I annually commit and not the areas where I have grown in or the type of person I am in general. Like how I treat others and myself.

- Don't Be Stagnate -

- Be Humble -

- Grow -