Thursday, January 9, 2014

Haunted by Questions at Night

      Have you ever wondered "whats wrong with me and my relationship with God?"? I certainly have. More now than ever. That and so many questions. I manage to get no where. I think I need to stop worrying and give it to God. I have tried but I see nothing change. I want God's will. I pray for God's will. Are all my prayers really not aligned with God? I just need God to show himself. I beg. I need guidance. Why are practically no prayers of my are answered. Here comes the "God always answers your prayers. It's either, yes, no or not yet." Well when will I get a yes? Shouldn't I be grateful for what I do have? I can be very impatient. And I am working on that. haha But God is the God of the universe who controls the slightest tremor in the earth's core. I know He could it if He wanted. I guess I should ask what I should pray. Or what does He want for me. I'm dying here, God. Show yourself please. For me. Give me faith, surprise me and make me believe.

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